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Thermal Imaging Camera

   This handheld thermal imaging camera is being used for rescue forces, law enforcement, and nighttime perimeter surveillance of sensitive sites and areas such as national borders, pipelines, oil terminals, power stations, communication transmitters and prisons.


General Features:
   - Uncooled
   - Lightweight
   - Compact
   - Easy operation
   - Binocular viewing
   - Standard video output

Infantry, scout and special units
   - Security and perimeter defense
   - Light target acquisition systems
   - Light patrol boats
   - Border control commanders
   - Para-military units


General Specifications    



Type Uncooled Microbolometer
Array size 320x240
Pixel pitchy size 45 m
Wavelength spectral range 8 -14 m
NETD < 70mK
Laser Pointer:
Wavelength 785 +40/-15 nm
Power Output 15 mW
Beam Divergence 0.3 mrad maximum
Radiation Mode Continuous
LCD Binocular
Image processing :
Noise Reduction Provides sharp and clear image even in poor atmospheric and weather conditions
Electronic Zoom x1 or x2 (OPTION)
Control buttons :
Power OFF/ON/TP Rotary switch: OFF, ON and ON + Target Pointer (IR)
x1 or x2 Zoom Pushbutton (OPTION)
LCD brightness control Pushbutton (+) & Pushbutton (-)
Laser Pointer OFF/ON Pushbutton
Internal Power Source Alkaline, Lithium or Rechargeable batteries (8 cells)
External Power Source 12V DC available
Operating time 1 hour
External connector :
External connector External Power Supply & Video output
Temperature -20 +50C
  MODEL PI-41-50 MODEL PI-41-100
EFL 50mm 100mm
F/N F/1 F/1
Field of view 12 x 18 6 x 8
Focus range 1m to infinity 1m to infinity
Mechanical :    
Weight without batteries 2.03 kg 2.53 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 250 x 260 x 115 300 x 260 x 115
Mounting -20 Tripod interface
Compass :
(OPTION) Azimuth accuracy 0.7
  Elevation accuracy 0.4
  Elevation range 40
(OPTION) Horizontal 9 m (90%)
  Altitude 14 m (90%)
  Velocity 0.06 m/sec

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