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Jammer Equipment
Tape Recorder Jammer TRJ-100

   This device is used to suppress dictophones.


 Power requirements

 AC line


                                         220 V, 50 Hz

 The accumulator

                                       24 V, 2.2 А/H

 Power consumption

                                                 60 W

 Time of continuous work:


 From a AC line

8 H.

 From accumulator

                                                             40 min


4,5 kg

 Overall dimensions of the block

350 260 44 mm

 Overall dimensions of the antenna

350 260 15 mm

 The transmitter works in a pulse mode on frequency

915 Мgz

 Duration of a radio impulse

400 uS

 Pulse trasmitted power

95 W

 Average trasmitted power

14 W



 Direction of radiation

Normal to the antenna

Width of the diagram of orientation 60 in both sections

 Range of guarad distortion of record

(for tape recorders in the metal case)


2 м

   Structure of a product and accessories

The name

In pieces

1. The radiating block


2. The antenna


3. A power unit


4. Board remote control a radio channel


5. A socket for remote control unit


6. Passport


7. The indicator of a field


   The device and work of a product

   The product will consist of the flat phased antenna system, the MICROWAVE of the generator, the device of management and a power unit.

   The principle of action is based on transmitting acyclic a  noise  signal of sound frequency by radiation of     the UHF on input amplifier of the tape recorder                            .

   Conditions of operation :


    - At t an environment from +5 up to + 40º C
    - The charge of completely unloaded accumulators proceeds approximately 10 hours.


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