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Encryption Equipment
Secure Desktop Telephone System ENC 2000

   The ENC-2000 phone is a state of the art secure telephone system based on a powerful DSP. The phone was designed to handle conventional and secure telephone conversations. For secure voice conversations, the phone uses digital encryption method, which is based on a public key algorithm for key transaction and a Triple- DES algorithm for voice encryption.




   Smart Speaker Phone system for superior voice quality, using sophisticated DSP based echo-canceling algorithm.
    - International supporting Caller I.D system
    - Rechargeable Battery support, using smart DSP based charger.
    - LCD Display.
    - 100 Memories, 4 speed dial buttons.
    - Last 8 numbers redial (using Up/Down keys).
    - Volume control for Handset and Speaker Phone.
    - Music on hold.
    - Tone/Pulse Switchable.
    - Data Port
    - IDD secure key number lock
    - Automatic power down activated by battery.
    - Ni-MH rechargeable battery for:
    - 7 hours of continues talk.
    - Backup for power failure.

 Encryption system:

   The digital voice encryption system employs the following key elements:

   High Performance, Non-Standard 3600 FDX QAM modem.
   Non-Standard 2520bps Voice Coding/Decoding software.
   Triple DES algorithm for voice encryption.
   Unique random Key negotiation for each call, using Elgamal Public key algorithm with transaction using 128 - 2048 bits key.


    The modem is a non-standard propriety 3600bps QAM Full duplex modem with 40% Forward Error correction.
    The modem is capable of operating with SNR as low as 8.1dB (for BER < 1e-6)
    The modem also supports waiting call meaning the modem has a fast recovery system after a waiting call (10msec to detect and 0.1 sec for full recovery).
    The modem’s Dynamic Range is 51dB with a minimum signal as low as 1mv at the input.


    The Vocoder is 2520 bps Propriety CELP and Vector quantization vocoder with a MOS score equal to 3.1.
    The Vocoder includes an error correction algorithm and is capable of working with BER as low as 1e-3.


   Battery voltage 1.8V – 4.7V typical 3.6V.
   DC supply: 6V - 25V typical 12V.
   Battery supply current - 160mA.
   DC jack supply current -
50MA 12V
   Modem Sensitivity - 1mV (-57dbm on 600ohm).
   Modem Dynamic Range - 51dB.
   Start up time < 2.5sec for 512 bits public key.
   Fast recovery time < 0.1sec.
   Modem BER Performance: better than 1e-6 @ SNR of 8.1 dB
   Vocoder: 2520 bps.
   Vocoder BER: < 1e-3.
   Standby buttery current – 15mA.
   Transmitting power -10dbm on 600ohm.
   Caller I.D sensitivity: 1mv (-57dbm on 600 ohm).
   Caller I.D Minimal SNR: 6dB.
   DTMF tones - 100msec ON / 50msec OFF, for regular and 50msec ON / 25msec OFF in Fast dial.

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