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Private Trunk Encryptor TR 2600




   Organizations with users in multiple locations can deploy Private Trunk Encryption - a secure communications rack-mounted wire line and cellular encryption gateway. The secure gateway adds point-to-multipoint calling capabilities to the mobile phone encryptor along with additional security and administrative functions. The secure gateway can encrypt all corporate communications including fax, conferencing, cellular, wire line transmissions while secure all local loop communications. Effectively protecting the most vulnerable links against industrial espionage.

   All secured calls are routed through the TR-2600, which acts as a gateway to and from service suppliers’ networks. TR-2600 encrypts and decrypts all voice, fax and data communications. The secure trunk is an open CTI system built to support telecommunication standards. The secure trunk allows the multi-point interface between secure wireless and landline calls.
TR-2600 solution is focused on providing the latest in protections for information sharing amongst peers, suppliers, alliance partners and financial institutions. It provides enterprises with a cost-effective tool with a wealth of uniquely flexible security features, such as authentication (PKI), access control, dialing restrictions, VPN encryption, call destination encryption and point to any point secured communication, for voice, fax and data sessions. This solution can be deployed transparently over mobile and fixed networks.

   The elements support in and between fixed networks through POTS/ISDN access, E1/T1 digital trunks and GSM networks. TR-2600 also incorporates unique peer-to-peer security. Built-in security features allow users to secure internal and external calls over public networks. Each secure trunk can provide various additional features including PBX firewall security, remote-dialing protections, call detail reports (CDR), central control of all registered units (Phones, mobile phones & Trunks) and service restriction capabilities. Each secure trunk can effectively support up to 1000 users.


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