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Encryption Equipment
Phone & Fax Encryptor SK-2400

   Phone and fax calls carry the very latest information and put organization most critical secrets at risk while the eavesdropping became easy and available to anyone

   The SK-2400 is a plug and play CPE unit, connected between an analog telephone or fax machine and the wall socket, which provides digital encryption.

The unit will create a modem session and after successfully synchronized, will establish an agreement key session using Diffie-Hellman algorithm in order to generate a mutual secret 3DES key that will secure the channel.

   All encryption devices belonging to one group are configured with the same list of telephone numbers or prefixes the VPN (Virtual Private Network) list.

   Whenever a SK-2400 user dials a number that is part of the VPN list his phone will automatically seek to reach the called party in a secure way.

   Most important:  none of the parties is required to press any button or to perform any other action in order to secure the call.

   In this way one does not need to worry about the privacy of his calls; all calls to his VPN members will be seamlessly and transparently secure

   The SK-2400 can be controlled and operated remotely via DTMF. Bi-directional DTMF and signaling bits to the carrier are transferred transparently



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