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Night Vision Converter

The NVC (Night Vision Converter) is an optical device that can be mounted on any observation, photography and ranging or weapon sight – converting it from daytime equipment to a device providing night duty operation – exploiting all the features of the equipment unto which it was linked.

   The NVC is affixed to the daytime device by a special Mounting Adapter and coupled to the objective of the day instrument – physically by the provided Adapter Ring, and optically through its design – its exit lens faces the daytime input objective.

   The NVC is supplied with different types of Image Intensifier Tube.



 General Specifications   Objective:
 Magnification x1 Focal length, mm 96
Angular Field of View 10° F/N 1.5
Focus range, m 96 Focus range, m 0.25 – ∞
F/N 1.5 Boresight Adjustment Day equipment
boresight maintained
to within ±0.3 mR
Batteries type “AA” – 2 x 1.5 V
Continuous work, hrs 8
    Image Intensifier Tube:
Mechanical: 18 mm, GEN II+ (Super GEN or GEN III – option )
Dimensions, mm 192 x 120 x 117 Power Source:
Weight, kg 1.25 Batteries type “AA” 2 x 1.5 V
Environmental Specification: Continuous Work, Hrs 8
Operating temperature -32°C … +52°C    
Storage temperature -35°C … +65°C    
Operation 94% ±4% at Temp. = +52°C    
Storage 90% – 95% at Temp. = +40°C    

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