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Long Range Hand Help Laser Rangefinder

PIs long-range, man-portable, Laser Rangefinder LIORA (model PI-09) is a stand-alone, self-powered rangefinder integrated with a visual monocular and designed to provide a capability for viewing, aiming and accurate ranging of tactical targets during daylight and optionally darkness, through the use of an eye-safe laser beam. The range data is displayed to the operator and transferred through the Communication Channel to an external System.


 General Specifications  

Wavelength, μm 1.54
Output Energy, mJ 10, nominal
Eye-safety category Class 1
Divergence, mRad/(energy content) 0.6 / (80%)
Maximum range, meters 20 000
Minimum range, meters 100
Accuracy, meters 5
Sight Magnification x8
Operating voltage, V 10 32
Weight, kg (including batteries) 1.9
Compass (option)  -
GPS (option)  -

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