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Laser Target Designator

The STING system (model PI-03H) is a Laser Target Designator emitting an infrared laser beam, which projects a dot onto the target. This dot is not visible to the naked eye and needs the night vision equipment for detection on the target. This type of designator is designed for night use and for operations where maximum discretion is required: anti-terrorists, hostage rescue and covert operations. The Target Designator mounts on various weapons with mounting brackets and adapters.


 General Specifications  

Beam shape Dot
Beam divergence (mRad) 0.3 (max.)
Wavelength (nm) 785+40/-15 or 810+20/-10
Radiation mode continuous
Power output:
Hi-mode (mW) at least 15
Lo-mode (mW) 1.0 – 2.5
Boresight adjustment:
Travel range (mRad) at least 40 (in elevation and deflection)
Increment size (mRad) 0.5 (discrete increments – clicks)
Power Source Single “AA” type battery – 1.5, 3.0, or 3.6 V
Continuous work  6 hours
Dimensions 90 x 35 x 57 mm
Weight (without mounting fixture) 250 grams

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