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Encryption Equipment
Encrypted Mobile Phone Nokia 6600

   SC - 3200 is a NOKIA 6600 smart phone with an ultra high encryption program using Israeli-German technology, which makes it absolutely secure and unbreakable.
   It utilizes military level cryptography which disables all types of eavesdropping to calls between 2 or more SC - 3200 devices. The devices work on the standard GSM telephony network.


   The software was developed especially for those who work every day with confidential data, politicians, lawyers, police, governmental agents, executives, and everybody who knows how important it is to prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.


   Internal software converts your voice to encrypted data with a constantly changing mathematical formula. It uses a 1024 bit asymmetric key based on the RSA algorithm and a changing session key which replaces the encryption every 5 seconds.

   The Gold Lock software was developed as Israeli/German cooperation. It passed highly advanced security tests performed by both civilian and governmental experts. It is licensed by the Israeli ministry of defense.


   Calls made to other cellular devices which don't have SC - 3200 are the same as a normal cellular phone.


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