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Phone/Transmitter Detectors
Pocket Bug Detector TL-300

   This useful and matchbox size transmitter detector is concealed in car remote control unit and by silent rotating can detect with full discreetness, the presence of a nearby transmitter or wireless microphone.

   High RF sensitivity can detect a bug as low as 2mW.

This unit is designed for non executive personnel. It is easy to operate, it is highly effective and requires no previous training.


   Frequency range:              30-1800MHz

   Power source:                   9V DC

   Current consumption:        15-18mA

   Sensitivity:                        from 2mW

   Detection:                         AM/FM

   Alert method:                    Vibration

   Radiation:                         None

   Dimension:                       60 x 33 x 15 mm

   Weight:                            30 gr.


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