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Phone/Transmitter Detectors
Transmitter Detector Locator TL-200

   The broadband transmitter detector and locator scans offices, home, hotels, conference rooms, cars etc. and warns by visual and audible alarm signal, the presence of a nearby transmitter or wireless microphone.

   This unit is designed for the non-technical executive personal.
It is handy and battery operated, using the most sophisticated solid-state technology.
   It is the latest in the field of anti-bugs assuring many trouble free years of operation and good service. It easily detects and locates all major categories of hidden transmitting bugs.

   High RF sensitivity can detect a bug as low as 2mW from 1/2 meter distance, and very wide frequency coverage from 30 up to 2400 MHz.

   False alarm can be eliminated by use of the acoustic feedback system.

   The "Music box" unit is an integral part of a detecting system, which helps in discovering telephone transmitters. The main role of the "Music box" is to inject special signal into telephone line and to achieve simulation of lifting the handset. Back

  Frequency range 30-2400MHz
  Power source 9V DC
  Current consumption 25-30mA
  Detection AM/FM
  Alert method Visual & audible
  Radiation None
  Dimension 185x85x35 mm
  Weight 700 gr
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