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Phone/Transmitter Detectors
Digital Phone/Fax Bug Deactivator LD-250

   The LD-250 digital phone & fax bug deactivator will protect your telephone/fax against any uninvited bug or automatic wiretapping devices. This deactivator will warn you whenever additional bugging devices are installed on your line, or whenever another extension handset is lifted while you are talking. The ANTI-VOX generator of the LD-250 generates a continuous noise whenever the phone or fax is not in use. This noise will activate any VOX activated eavesdropping recording device which will continue to record noise until the tape cassette becomes full, no room to record conversations or data.

   - Digital readout line voltage for observation and detection changes of the protected line.
   - Deactivates the operation of known types of automatic wire tapping equipment.
   - Freezes the operation of automatic (parallel) recorder activators and reduce the output power of "series" line transmitters.
   - Fully automatic operation.
   - Easy installation with 2 built-in RG 11 US standard sockets.
Dimensions: 120x70x30mm.
Weight: 150gr. Back

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