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Jammer Equipment
Cellular Jammer CK-200/5WE

The CK-280 cell phone jammer offers superior quality and performance for all small to large commercial applications. The CK-280 is very powerful with its 10 watts output (5W for 825-960MHz and 5W for 1800-1990MHz) and will effectively block cellular signals up to 40m radius. This equipment operates on all world frequencies as standard, just plug it in and switch on! The cell phone jammer works by interfering with the up and down links between the mobile phone and cellular mast. When the unit is in use, all mobile phone users in the effective range will receive no signal on their phone, they will be unaware that they are being jammed.


   Theatres/Cinemas, Concert halls, Lectures, Libraries, Restaurants, Hospitals, Coffee shops, Police stations, Recording studios, Prisons, Court rooms, Conference rooms, Embassies and Government facilities, Financial institutions, Casinos, Power plants, Schools, Military establishments etc.



TX frequency

(AMPS) 869 ~ 894 MHz

(GSM) 925 ~ 960 MHz

(DCS) 1805 ~ 1880 MHz

(DECT) 1880 ~ 1900 MHz

(CDMA/TDMA) 825 ~ 894 MHz

(W-CDMA) 1920 ~ 1980 MHz

(PHS) 1900 ~ 1920 MHz

(PCS/TACS) 1930 ~ 1990 MHz

Automatic power switching power supply

50/60Hz AC 100 ~ 240V transmitting to DC 24V.

Total output power





1.5 Kgs

Jamming range

Radius 20M-40 M (the signal must be <-80db in the location)

Option patch antenna

Can add more power 8db gain, injection angle level 70°And vertical 65°

Safety Regulation

Adapter UL (E190582), CSA (LR112971 Level 3)

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