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Bomb Disposal Equipment
Blastguard for Public Safety
Terrorism is on the rise!

Pipe bombs or other explosive devices are the preferred method used by terrorists! These devices are most commonly placed in a waste receptacle in a crowded place and can kill and injure many innocent people.


Standard Models and Specifications
Blastguard Model Protection Capacity (LBS of TNT) Trash Capacity (Gallons) Weight (pounds) Dimensions (inches)
BG-21-1.6 1.6 21 365 D = 23.62", H = 35.43
BG-21-2.5 2.5 21 462 D = 23.62", H = 35.43
BG-30-1.6 1.6 30 440 D = 26.96", H = 37.4
BG-30-3.0 3.0 30 528 D = 26.96", H = 37.4
BG-30-5.5 5.5 30 913 D = 27.95", H = 39.37
BG-40-1.6 1.6 40 484 D = 27.56", H = 39.37
BG-40-3.0 3.0 40 616 D = 27.56", H = 39.37

   - Protection capacity is based on central detonation testing
   - Each Blastguard model is available in 3 lid and finish configurations as follows:
      . Standard: Steel painted lid and body with external hinge and simple lock.
      . Select: Polished stainless steel lid with internal hinge, upgraded lock and spring type polybag liner attachment.
      . Premium: Polished stainless steel lid and body, internal hinge, upgraded lock and spring type polybag liner attachment
Over 4,000 Explosive Incidents occur in the United States Every Year
Data derived from the ATF AEXIS 2000 and FBI's Bomb Data Center Systems

Design Principle

   When an explosive device is placed in a typical receptacle, the receptacle becomes part of the bomb. When detonated, the components of the receptacle fragment into thousands of pieces that can cause injury or death.

   Our container combines a high strength outer steel shell with a patented inner compressive layer to provide security, protection and safety to the surrounding public. The compressive layer is designed to absorb the major blast energy and resist fragments. The outer shell contains any remaining lateral blast energy and fragmentation. Residual blast energy is vented upwards away from the public, keeping the receptacle intact.


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