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Jammer Equipment
Anti-controlled Explosive Devices CarJammer VIP-7

Radio-electronic complex VIP-7 was designed to protect from regular radio-controlled explosive devices.

The VIP-7 provides operating frequencies band from 20MHz up to 2000MHz.


   The complete set includes:

- Main unit in a metal body (dimensions: 500x470x140 mm).

- Power cable for supplying by carís on-board electrical net.

-  Wired control unit (5 meter long) to control VIP-7 from passenger compartment.

-   Set of 6 automobile antennas.

- Special mount for fastening in a boot of any passenger car.

-  Amplifier.




   Radius of protection zone:  30 m

   Output power:                    80 W

   Weight:                             22Kg

   Operating temperatures:     -40 to +65 C


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