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3D Laser Scanning
HDS3000 - 3D Laser Scanner

   The Leica HDS3000, the first "surveyor-friendly" 3D laser scanner, is the flagship of Leica's HDS product family, making high-definition field data capture more efficient and easier for a wider range of surveying and engineering projects. There are many characteristics of the HDS3000 that set it apart from other instruments in its class, including:

  • Maximum 360° x 270° field-of-view
  • Unique dual-window design
  • Fully selectable field-of-view and scan density
  • Bore-sighted digital camera for automatically calibrated photo overlays
  • <6 mm spot size @ 50 m
  • 6 mm positional accuracy @ 50 m
  • Height-of-instrument (H.I.) measurement
  • Setup over survey point
  • Flexible "hot-swap" power supply system
  • QuickScan™ button

   With the Leica HDS3000, high-definition surveying has never been easier and friendlier for surveyors and measurement professionals. For example, it supports standard surveying procedures, such as instrument setup over a known or assumed survey point, height-of-instrument measurement, and instrument orientation. These same features are also valuable for automated geo-referencing of captured data to local coordinate systems. The new QuickScan mode allows users to quickly and easily define the extents of the scanning scene by simply pushing a button on the scanner. Efficient battery swapping and improved weight/portability allows for even more flexible and friendlier field operations.

   Just as significant as its ease-of-use, the HDS3000 takes the industry-leading accuracy (6mm at 50m) and versatility of its popular predecessor, the Cyrax® 2500, to the next level of productivity. It combines SmartScan Technology™ with a maximum 360° horizontal field-of-view and an equally impressive maximum 270° vertical FOV. In a nutshell, the Leica HDS3000 is a versatile, multi-purpose scanner that combines high efficiency with high accuracy for a broad range of civil engineering, plant and building projects.





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