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3D Laser Scanning
HDS2500 - 3D Laser Scanner

   The Leica HDS2500 is a re-branded Cyrax 2500 scanner, the world's most popular scanner to date. The HDS2500 has a maximum 40 x 40 field-of-view and SmartScan Technology™- for added scanning control - to let users create highly accurate deliverables while minimizing both field time and office processing time for a wide range of applications & project sites.

   With a single-point range accuracy of +/- 4mm, angular accuracies of +/- 60 micro-radians, and a beam spot size of only 6mm from 0-50m range, the HDS2500 delivers survey-grade accuracy while providing a versatile platform for data capture. Its 360 x 195 pan & tilt mount and dual internal rotating mirrors enable it to be deployed in virtually any orientation. The combination of high accuracy and field versatility makes the HDS2500 ideal for fixed or raised installation when leveled tripod mounting is not practical, or for applications with less stringent field-of-view requirements.




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