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Portable Drug and Contraband Detector

Typical Operation

   The M600P is held in the hand and the opening placed against the material to be measured. The unit is turned on, producing a very Low-Level microwave signal that is absorbed in the test material and also reflected back into the M600P. The M600P compares the signal it produces with the reflected signal. The results are displayed on a meter on the rear panel of the M600P.
Technical Description

   The M600P Portable Dielectric Tester utilizes patented nearfield microwave technology to measure the dielectric properties of materials. This technology has made possible a very compact and easy-to-use instrument.
For materials which are the same throughout (homogeneous), a change in reading will indicate something is present which should not be. This will give a reason to look into something or to let it pass.

   The depth of penetration for the M600P is about 4 ft. in air and is correspondingly less depending on the dielectric properties of the materals being tested. For example, for a bale of wool the depth is about 30” and for a water slurry 6”.

Typical Search Scenarios:
1. In a shipment of asphalt or cement blocks, all will normally look the same. Hidden items will show up as differences from normal readings. Readings are taken from the same points from block to block.
   2. Frozen shrimp or fish blocks with items frozen in the center will give different readings from normal. Readings are taken from one or two points in the center of the block.
   3. Sealed bottles of wine, whiskey, or any drinkable fluid can be tested without opening. Water based fluids (drinkable), give a markedly different response than explosives or drugs. Readings can be taken through carry on bags.
   4. In a shipment of similar boxes of ceramic fixtures or other commercial items, boxes can be screened to find those which are different from normal. This can be done from outside the unopened box.
   5. Tires should be uniformly empty. A tire with drugs in it will show changes from normal.
   Many other search scenarios have been tried with success. Consult our security professionals.

Advanced Search Scenarios

A user can collect data about the known response of a particular product, and use that from search to search. For example, wine bottles of a known size will always read similarly. A sharply different reading in a new carry on bag would indicate a different substance. In the same way, asphalt blocks will always give the same response. A change should trigger a closer look.

    Specifications (specifications are tested using factory procedures at sense setting of XI)

Operating Frequency

600-650 Mhz

Operating Wavelength

50 cm. (19.7”)

Measured Parameter

Coefficient of Reflection

Output Device

Digital meter/Audio

Output Power

Less than 10 microwatt/ @5cm.


+/- 5% DPM reading


Can display changes +/-10 ml

Response Time

Less than 2.5 milliseconds


Less than 1/100 of gov’t safety level for microwave ovens (1mW/sq. cm@5cm)

Primary Power

12V battery pack; 120 or 220VAC supply


4.5 lbs.

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