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Homeland Security
3D Laser Scanning
Encrypted Mobile Phone Nokia 6600

   SC - 3200 is a NOKIA 6600 smart phone with an ultra high encryption program using Israeli-German technology, which makes it absolutely secure and unbreakable.
   It utilizes military level cryptography which disables all types of eavesdropping to calls between 2 or more SC - 3200 devices. The devices work on the standard GSM telephony network.
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  Pocket Bug Detector TL-300  


   This useful and matchbox size transmitter detector is concealed in car remote control unit and by silent rotating can detect with full discreetness, the presence of a nearby transmitter or wireless microphone.

   High RF sensitivity can detect a bug as low as 2mW.

This unit is designed for non executive personnel. It is easy to operate, it is highly effective and requires no previous training.
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Night Vision Binocular  

   The BOXER system (model PI-05) is the Night Vision Binocular that offers image intensified night vision with high resolution in a lightweight single-tube and binocular configuration. BOXER is supplied with different types of Image Intensifier Tube
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Anti-radio controlled-explosive Devices Portable Jammer  

   Radio-electronic complex VIP-6 was designed to protect from regular radio-controlled explosive devices.

The VIP-6 provides operating frequencies band from 20MHz up to 1000MHz.


   The complete set includes:
 Main unit in a metal body (dimensions: 490x390x170 mm).
     -  Power cable for supplying by car’s on-board electrical net.
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Civilian Bullet Proof Jacket MUV-160

Safari style, ballistic protection vests come in a variety of models. The ballistic panels can be removed from the outer garment for laundering.

   It is available in a range of ballistic protection

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